As Netafor Design, we offer all our support you need in design to add attraction to your business, to take it one step further and to make you become a brand. We design everything from your website to your business card, create your social media templates, make your photo shoots, prepare your promotional clips and manage your advertisements. In short, we design everything you need to exist in the digital world for you.


We follow new trends and use the latest technology in all websites we build to add value to your brand. We code all of our websites with responsive and W3C standards.


We do draft works to give your business a design integrity, and with the feedbacks we receive from you, we design and print all materials that will give your business a corporate look.


We studiously design all visual materials such as logos, brochures and business cards that your business needs. During the design phase, we prepare sketches in different concepts and color palettes and find out the most suitable design for you.


We take over the management of your website and social media accounts to expand your customer mass. After specifying your target group, we start to carry out all the necessary work on your website and social media accounts.


Project Phase


In the project phase, we first examine the sector of your business. Then we determine your demands and expectations. In the last stage, we finalize the project phase by examining and analyzing the relevant websites.

Design Phase


During the design phase, we start by creating a color palette for your business. Because of this color palette will be used everywhere from your website to social media accounts and your corporate identity, we are working very precisely on this issue. After the color palette is created, we begin the draft work on the design. And then the draft work is completed, we present the design examples to your liking.

Coding Phase


After you like one of the examples we presented to you in the design phase, we move on to the coding phase. At this stage, we start coding your website with reference to the color palette and draft work we have.

Content Phase


After the coding phase is over, we make all the written and visual materials we received from you suitable for your website and we begin to place all your content on your website.

Delivery Phase


During the delivery phase, we first get a final feedback from you. If there is something you want us to change, we do it and check the website from top to bottom. If any, we detect and correct code errors. After the error detection, we make the search engine records of the website and various SEO(search engine optimization) adjustments and launch it.